Nevermind (2017) is a fill-in-the-gaps board game that plays with language of power that is reflected in the Turkish press. The players are given actual news coverage with missing words and try to fill in the gaps with the help of a dictionary based on TDK (literally, Turk Language Institution - associated with an ethnicity rather than the language itself), which is also altogether biased. By doing so, the game introduces the wording choices for aggressors and victims, taking side with the power and hegemony.  Created after the terrorist attack in one of the Istanbul’s famous nightclubs in the New Year’s Eve, 2017, where news coverage of the terrorist attack had subtle nuances—calling the subject either terrorist or attacker. Also, the people who lost their lives in the attack did not become martyrs like in the previous incidents and terrorist attacks. Focusing on the word choices such as terrorist/attacker, martyr/victim, the board game simply questions how a slight change in the wording can be used to manipulate the public perception.